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Why is Professional Calibration Necessary?

Television manufacturers set their TVs incorrectly from the factory. Since they can't anticipate which sets will end up on brightly lit showroom floors, and which ones will ultimately be in peoples' homes, they set them up for the competitive sales floor environment.

This means typically blasting Contrast to 100%, setting color and sharpness much too high, and skewing the grayscale to blue, because blue whites appear to be brighter. The harsh and bright environment of an average sales floor is nothing like the typical home environment where lighting is more controlled and less harsh.

So if you are interested in getting the best picture and performance out of your HDTV and your entire A/V system or home theater, professional calibration is a service you should definitely consider. Some of the picture improvements you can expect from Professional calibration include more natural looking flesh tones, and colors that are much more realistic. Images will appear smoother with fewer artifacts, and will look less edgy or unnaturally sharp. There will be more detail in dark scenes as a result of getting black level exactly correct for all your sources. Movies on DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, and HD cable or Satellite channels will be much more accurately reproduced, which means you will be seeing more of what the director of the film intended it to look like.

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