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What is Professional Calibration?

Professional television calibration is a fine tuning of your entire video system by a qualified trained technician with reference level test equipment. A full professional system calibration includes setting up all the video sources including the cable box and/or satellite receiver, DVD player, and calibrating each input on the TV with a variety of sophisticated TV test equipment.

Professional calibration consists of calibrating the television based on the system standards of the NTSC (National Television Systems Committee). This full system procedure consists of putting test patterns on the TV monitor that tell professional technicians where the optimum settings for Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint, and Sharpness should be for a given TV, and the source being used. A more complex part of the process is the Grayscale or White Balance calibration, which requires calibrating the actual color of gray from just above black to peak white. This is the final step in accurate color reproduction from a television, which requires extremely sophisticated test equipment, and a highly trained technician to do the job properly.

Professional full system calibration means adjusting the settings in the user menu, and the service menu. The service menu is where the more advanced adjustments are performed. It also provides grayscale calibration, and other sophisticated procedures like Color Management calibration, a high level adjustment to the primary and secondary colors available in some HDTVs. Professional system calibration means all the inputs and their various sources are setup individually, and the source components like DVD players and cable boxes are also setup correctly for a given TV.

Full documentation is provided to the client (via email) at the completion of the calibration session. It contains the information where all the picture settings are set in the TV User menu, Service menu, and pre and post calibration analysis.

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