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Custom Calibration Services offers professional video display calibration for any type of video display. Whether it is a CRT, LCD, DLP, LCOS, Plasma, SXRD, or LED, if it has a service menu that allows access to the adjustment controls, the display can be professionally calibrated to SMPTE specs. Sencore Certified Test Equipment is used, which includes a test pattern generator, calibrated colorimeter to measure the output on the screen, and a laptop computer with SpectraCal CalMan software.

WHAT: Calibration is the process that involves adjusting the control parameters on your TV to make the picture better.

WHY: TVs are not individually adjusted at the factory. Just like an automobile, when your TV rolls off the assembly line, it is quickly adjusted to make sure that it turns on and off, allows you to access inputs, and menu items. Then it is pre-adjusted to be set up in a store environment, or your home. That's it!

WHY: Like fine tuning a piano, your TV was not individually adjusted when it left the factory. Your TV will look better after it has been professionally calibrated to produce a picture that is bright, sharp, crisp, and accurate. The blacks will be BLACK, not brown, or greenish/blue. The whites will be WHITE, not pink, or yellow or blue. When adjusted to SMPTE specs, it will produce a picture that is accurate and natural, the way the director intended it to look.

HOW is it done? The process involves the use of specialized equipment: a test pattern generator, a colorimeter (sensing device), and a laptop computer with the software to read and analyze the results. The test patterns are used to produce black and white and color images on the screen, then the technician makes adjustments to the TV as needed, according to the results obtained from the sensors. The adjustments include black level, white level, sharpness, color, tint and hue, and most importantly: the gray level is adjusted from dark to bright by trimming the individual red, green , and blue bias and gain levels to closely match the reference D65 level of the CIE curve. HOW LONG will it take? It takes 2-3 hours to do a complete calibration which includes 1 or 2 inputs. (Usually component, and HDMI, but it could also include the RF input and composite)

WHERE: The process is done in your home or place of business. The TV may not have to be moved at all. The calibration specialist will connect his equipment to your TV with some cables.

WHEN: Your TV can be calibrated according to your schedule at a time that is convenient.

WHO: Only a trained, and certified calibration specialist should perform the calibration process.

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